Bearing a dark sense of humor, a twisted artistic sense, and the grit to get the job done, Robo's a man with a plan. He grew up the prototypical Southern California beach kid. Success on a surfboard came early and often for him. He swam in a talented pool of San Clemente surfers that included Chris Ward, Cory and Shea Lopez, and the Irons brothers when they would blow through town. He enjoyed a brief tour de force as a b-list surf star. It had its rewards, but as any b-list surf star will note, it doesn't necessarily provide you with the life skills after the five years of fame are over.In the twilight of his surf career, Robo took up an offer from San Clemente-shaper Cole Similar and started working in the front of his shop. Subjected to the traditional surfboard apprentice chores of sweeping foam dust and fending off customers when they would come by wondering why their boards weren't ready yet, slowly Robo started to glean valuable shaping information from Similar. Today, after years as an understudy, Robo's ventured out on his own, shaping under the Robo Surfboards label.